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Detlef Bosau mail at detlef-bosau.de
Thu Sep 12 04:24:36 PDT 2013

Am 21.07.2013 23:14, schrieb Jon Crowcroft:
> it is a tiny bit cleverer than that - the work is the moral equivalent
> of the Axelrod experiment in emergent cooperation, but neater because
> it is quantitative rather than just qualitative selection of
> strategies - what is important (imho) is that they use many many
> simulation runs to evaluate a "fitness" of a given protocol...this is
> heavy lifting, but pays off - so it will be nice to see empirical
> follow up work but this isn't some naive "overfitting" undergrad work
> - it is rather different and requires a considered response

It his extremely questionable to assign a quantitative meaning to one or
more of the flow- and congestion control variables in TCP.

The whole VJCC kludge is a qualitative one, not a quantitative one.
Although it is implemented with quantities, these are rules oft thumb.

In addition, I don't see a "fitness of a protocol", I don't see even a
protocol here. I see a numeric gimmick with no practical relevance.

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