[e2e] Lost Layer?

John Day jeanjour at comcast.net
Wed Feb 12 04:29:02 PST 2014


>>In IEEE/ANSI politics circa 1985, there was an understanding that
>>thenetwork layer belonged to ANSI, and the link layer belonged to IEEE.
>Neither of which being the ISO.
>Now you're just adding yet another set of groups that use 
>terminology differently.

Actually, all of the IEEE standards of this period are also ISO 
standards.  The two groups worked rather closely together.  The link 
layer did not exactly belong to IEEE.  ISO did work on HDLC and 
revised it at least once in this period.  But IEEE did stay quite 
close to the ISO work adopting a number of their conventions.
>>ISO had nothing to do with that.
>Sure - I was mapping the Internet layer names and ISO names; throw 
>more organizations into the mix and the translation matrix gets more 
>complex and more overloaded.

Actually, you weren't using the ISO names.  ISO refined its concept 
of network layer in 8648.  This was the whole point.

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