[e2e] Lost Layer?

Detlef Bosau detlef.bosau at web.de
Thu Feb 13 05:26:45 PST 2014

Am 11.02.2014 21:59, schrieb Dave Crocker:
>> PS - I disagree that the layer that's missing is the "AS" layer.
>> If that's what you really want, then you get that using a recursive
>> network layer - e.g., LISP.
> Looking at this latest sequence of notes on this thread, I think that
> what's missing is any sort of summary problem statement, put into
> essentially non-technical, functional terms, without directing the
> answer. 

That's exactly my problem. What makes me upset with my remarks is that I
did not yet get any technical answer.

Only offences, one blamed me (and it is no blame, he may be right
actually) I would propose to abandon congestion control.

Actually I will - as long as we agree upn the solution here but never
agreed upon a problem.

Having a look at some of the messages here, some people even talk about
"mobilty". Yeah. So eventually, we managed to realize that there are
mobile networks around. (Please don't be scared when you leave your
house: There is an earth outside! O.k., mobile networks may be somewhat
younger, but we deal with them for 30 years or so now, so networking
should accept that they do exist.)

I would greatly appreciate avoiding the words ANSI, IEEE, OSI etc.,
these are standards and standard organizations and they may well issue
their, excuse me, bullshit in printed form and give it numbers etc. I
would like to discuss technical issues.

Perhaps, when we talk about TCP, a concrete question. (And I would
appreciate a concrete answer.) What's the use of VJCC when I connect two
notebooks via a Wifi ad hoc network?

- What are the problems to be solved?
- What are possible solutions?

To be even more concrete: Let's assume, both notebooks would run TCP as
proposed in RFC 793. And we want to transfer file from notebook a to
notebook b, e.g. an image of the most recemt Ubuntu CD.

Simple scenario, simple question: What are the problems to be solved?

(And forgive me being nasty here. But you will agree: WHEN you are
interested in scientific questions, don't ask students or professors,
but ask a kid.)

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