[e2e] CFP: HotNets 2014 (conference: Oct 27-28, 2014, abstracts: July 9, 2014)

John Heidemann johnh at isi.edu
Tue Jun 24 09:58:28 PDT 2014

HotNets 2014: the Thirteenth ACM Workshop on Hot Topics in Networks

October 27-28, 2014 -- Los Angeles, California, USA


Call for Papers

   The 13th ACM Workshop on Hot Topics in Networks (HotNets 2014) will
   bring together researchers in computer networks and systems to engage
   in a lively debate on the theory and practice of networking. HotNets
   provides a venue for debating future research agendas in networking and
   for presenting innovative ideas that have the potential to
   significantly influence the community.

   We invite researchers and practitioners to submit short position
   papers. In particular we are interested in papers that foster
   discussions that can shape research agendas for the networking
   community as a whole. Thus, we strongly encourage papers that identify
   fundamental open questions, or offer a constructive critique of the
   state of networking research.

   We also encourage submissions of early-stage work describing enticing
   but unproven ideas. Submissions can, for example, advocate a new
   approach, re-frame or debunk existing work, report unexpected early
   results from a deployment, or propose new evaluation methodologies.
   Novel ideas need not necessarily be supported by full evaluation;
   well-reasoned arguments or preliminary evaluations can be used to
   support their feasibility. Once fully developed and evaluated, we
   expect the work to be published at conferences such as SIGCOMM, SOSP,
   OSDI, SenSys, NSDI, MobiCom, MobiSys, PODC, CoNEXT, or INFOCOM. Short
   papers on finished work will be a better fit with the short papers
   track at CoNEXT.

   HotNets takes a broad view of networking research. This includes new
   ideas relating to (but not limited to) data center networks, home and
   enterprise networks and wide area networks using a variety of link
   media (wired, wireless, acoustic) as well as social networks and
   network architecture. It encompasses all aspects of networks, including
   (but not limited to) provisioning and resource management, economics
   and evolution, robustness and security, topology, mobility,
   interactions with applications, usability of underlying networking
   technologies, energy, performance, measurement and diagnosis, and

   Position papers will be selected based on originality, likelihood of
   spawning insightful discussion at the workshop, and technical merit.
   Accepted papers will be posted online prior to the workshop and will be
   published in the ACM Digital Library, thereby widely disseminating the
   ideas discussed at the workshop.

Workshop Participation

   HotNets attendance is limited to roughly 80 people to facilitate lively
   discussion. Invitations will be allocated first to one author of each
   paper, HotNets organizers and committee members, and conference
   sponsors. New this year, to promote a more inclusive workshop, HotNets
   will also make a limited number of open registration slots available to
   the community.

Submission Instructions

   Submitted papers must be no longer than 6 pages (10 point font, 1 inch
   margins) including all content except references. Authors can take up
   to one extra page for references beyond the 6 pages. Please consider
   using the sig-alternate-10pt.cls style file. All submissions must be
   blind: submissions must not indicate the names or affiliations of the
   authors in the paper. Only electronic submissions in PDF will be
   accepted. Submissions must be written in English, render without error
   using standard tools (e.g., Acrobat Reader), and print on US-Letter
   sized paper. Papers must contain novel ideas and must differ
   significantly in content from previously published papers and papers
   under simultaneous submission. Papers will be submitted at:

Important Dates

   Abstract registration:    July 9, 2014 (11:59PM GMT)
   Paper submission:         July 16, 2014 (11:59 PM GMT)
   Notification of decision: September 12, 2014
   Camera-ready submission:  September 24, 2014
   Workshop dates:           October 27-28, 2014

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