[e2e] Deadline April 1 CFP – 2014 IEEE Globecom Green Track

Jinsong Wu jwu_res at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 10 00:43:13 PDT 2014

Call for papers
Track on Green Communication Systems and Networks
- Selected Areas in
Communications Symposium at IEEE Globecom 2014

Firm submission deadline: April 1, 2014. 
(Unlike recent ICC's and Globecom's,
this is a hard deadline that will not be
EDAS submission web link: https://www.edas.info/newPaper.php?c=16641

Scope and Motivation:
Track on Green Communication Systems and
Networks in the Selected Areas in Communications Symposium will focus on green
topics and issues relevant to green communications systems and networks. This
track not only addresses
energy relevant green topics but also discusses
other non-energy relevant
green topics. Green information communication
technologies have been
globally recognized as an important
research  field,  discussing energy-
and/or resource-efficient and/or
environment-sustainable communications,
computing, and relevant systems. Research
projects to date have identified
solutions in terms of algorithms and subsystems,
as well as new ideas for
system architectures. Research will further
develop these solutions as well as showing how different concepts can be integrated
to design different efficient systems from the ground up. This track solicits
contributions describing cutting-edge research in communication systems and
networks that incorporate "green" considerations in their design and
operation. This covers a wide range of green topics, including not only
greening communications and relevant systems, but also exploiting
communications and relevant systems to achieve green objectives for the
sustainable world. This track covers broader topics enabling various green
topics, such as green technologies, smart homes and offices, intelligent
transport and smart grid energy systems, green services, green business and
economic concerns 

Main Topics of Interest:
To ensure complete coverage of the advances in
this field, the Green
Communication Systems and Networks Track of the
Selected Areas in
Communications Symposium solicits original
contributions in, but not limited to, the following topical areas:

* Theory, modeling, analysis, and/or
optimization for green and sustainable green communication systems and networks
* Architecture, strategies, algorithms,
protocols, scheduling, and/or
designs for green communications, networks,
computing, and systems
* Non-energy green topics
* Green software, hardware, devices, and equipment
* Green wireless and/or wireline communications
* Green scheduling and allocations for
* Green optical devices, signal processing,
switching, and communications
* Electromagnetic pollution mitigation
* Green terminals 
* Green data storage, data centers and cloud
computing, contention
distribution networks
* Green communications under delay or quality of
service constraints
* Physical layer approaches for green
communications and computing
* Green Internet of Things
* Energy harvesting, storage, and recycling
* Applications, economics, social issues, and
interdisciplinary topics
* Novel network concepts and architectures
lowering the overall network
* Self-organizing wireless networks for energy
* Traffic shaping and policy implementation for
energy saving 
* Use of cognitive principles to achieve green
objectives  in wireline or
wireless networks
* Signal processing for green communications and
* Low cost, energy-efficient antenna and radio
frequency system designs 
* Economy and pricing for green communication
and services 
* Environmental  monitoring 
* Measurement and profiling of energy
* Power consumption trends and reduction in
* Standardizations, policies and regulations for
green communications and
* Mitigation of electromagnetic pollution 
* Experimental test-beds and results for green
communications and computing 
* Optimum use of renewable energy in
communication systems and networks 
* Green technologies for intelligent transport
* Green technologies for industrial processes 
* ICT technologies for green buildings and
* Green Approaches for Smart Grids 
* Field trials and deployment experiences

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