[e2e] DOE Network 2025 Challenges - Call for Position Papers

Joe Touch touch at isi.edu
Fri Sep 18 13:50:00 PDT 2015

                     DOE Network 2025 Challenges

                       Call for Position Papers

The US Department of Energy Office of Science - Advanced Scientific
Computing Research (DOE/SC - ASCR) program office is pleased to
announce the Network 2025 Challenges workshop. This workshop will be
held Feb 1-2, 2016 in the Washington, DC area. DOE/SC operates a large
collection of unique experimental and computing facilities, which
generate and consume petabytes of data on a monthly basis
(http://science.energy.gov/user-facilities/user-facilities-at-a-glance/). The
goal of this workshop is to engage and coordinate the computer
communications research community with the DOE/SC science communities
to articulate the network and transport layer research challenges for
the next decade.

The workshop is intended to foster discussions that will generate a
roadmap which is expected to guide a multi-program, decade-long
network and transport layer research effort as part of a larger,
comprehensive network research program to support DOE's science
missions. Other workshops will address other layers of the network
stack. Of particular interest are medium-term (5-year) challenges,
long-term (10-year) challenges, and non-traditional challenges ("what
if...") that present unique opportunities for DOE's scientific
networking needs.

Attendance at this workshop will be limited and informed by position
papers submitted by interested researchers. These papers will be
circulated to initiate pre-meeting discussions. Invited participants
are expected to attend at their own expense. International
participation is encouraged.

One page position papers are expected to address either one or both of
the following topics:

 * Summarize your view of a current and next decade key DOE/SC science
   mission network and/or transport layer challenge

 * Describe a DOE/SC science mission network and/or transport research
   layer challenge direction that might yield a significant leap

Responses should focus on the network/transport layer research
challenges created by DOE/SC's distributed facilities and the science
communities that access them. Papers must focus on articulating a
research challenge and avoid specific solutions or approaches. Authors
are strongly encouraged to "think outside the box".

Additional information about; and contact information for, ASCR's
Research and Facilities divisions can be found at
http://science.energy.gov/ascr Paper submission will be via EasyChair
at: https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=doenet2025

Important dates:
		 Position papers due:   30 Oct. 2015
		 Invitations issued:     1 Dec. 2015
		 Workshop:             1-2 Feb. 2016

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