[e2e] Passing of an Internet historian - Chris Edmondson-Yurkanan

Joe Touch touch at isi.edu
Wed Jun 14 12:00:23 PDT 2017

Hi, all,

A quick update:

JJ Garcia-Luna was the first SIGCOMM Conference Coordinator, 1990-1993

Chris created the modern variant that carries forward, serving from
1999-2003 and as Emeritus from 2003-2007.


On 6/14/2017 9:48 AM, Joe Touch wrote:
> Hi, all,
> The following was just announced on the Sigcomm list, FYI:
> -----
> 4. We are sad to report the passing away of longtime ACM SIGCOMM
> member and enthusiastic volunteer, Chris Edmondson-Yurkanan on May 23
> after a lengthy and disabling illness. She had been a faculty member
> in the Computer Sciences department at the University of Texas,
> Austin, for more than two decades and helped organize the SIGCOMM
> conference at Austin in 1989. Her obituary can be found here:
> http://wcfish.tributes.com/obituary/read/Chris-Edmondson-Yurkanan-104821831
> Importantly, one of her main passions was Internet (and SIGCOMM)
> history:
> https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/e842/1d62b47d568e11dc6893f7f5603fd99d6a4c.pdf
> ----
> I'm sad to hear that Chris has passed, but also wanted to note some
> additional ways in which Chris served the community that was not
> included in the tribute:
> As far as I can tell, Chris created the role of ACM SIGCOMM Conference
> Coordinator, which involved both overseeing the organization of the
> SIGCOMM annual conference, but also managing request for
> "in-cooperation" status. Although I'm not sure when she started, she
> served through 2003, at which time the role of Conference Coordinator
> Emeritus was created for her to help hand-off the role (to me, FWIW).
> She served as SIG Secretary/Treasurer 1991-1995, and organized the
> 1999 panel of past SIGCOMM Award recipients on its 10th anniversary. I
> was also honored to host her as a USC/ISI Postel Center Visiting
> Research Scholar in 2004, to investigate our archives for her research
> in Internet history.
> FYI. And if you'll pardon the personal note, she is missed and
> remembered fondly.
> Joe

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