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For those "inquiring" minds...

Joyce K. Reynolds

Ms. Reynolds holds bachelor's and master's degrees from the University
of Southern California.  Since 1979, she has been with USC-ISI, where
she currently is the co-principal investigator of the RFC Editor

Ms. Reynolds has contributed to the development of the DARPA
Experimental Multimedia Mail System, the Post Office Protocol, the
Telnet Protocol, and the Telnet Option Specifications.  She helped
update the File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

For eighteen years, Ms. Reynolds worked on the IANA project.  She
performed the IANA functions with Jon Postel from 1983 until Postel's
death in October 1998.  She continued to perform the IANA protocol
parameter tasks on loan from ISI to ICANN, from 1998 to 2001.  She was
IANA liaison to the IESG from 1998 to 2001.

Her current interests include the RFC Editor project.  Ms. Reynolds
has been affiliated with this effort since 1987.  She is the RFC
Editor liaison to the IAB and the IESG.

Ms. Reynolds has been a member of the IETF since 1988.  She developed,
organized, and directed the User Services Area of the IETF from 1988 -
1998.  She established a new informational series of notes for the
Internet community: FYI (For Your Information) RFCs.

For the last seventeen years, she has been an international keynote
speaker and panelist of over 90 different conferences in Europe,
Asia-Pacific, Scandinavia, and the Middle East.  She has authored or
co-authored over 95 RFCs and additional international publications.

Ms. Reynolds is a past member of the IESG of the IETF.  She is a
recipient of the Internet Society (ISOC) service recognition plaque
for outstanding contributions to the IETF.

She is a Pioneer Member of ISOC, a past member of the Editorial
Advisory Board of ISOC, and past Associate Editor of the Internet
Society News.  She is a member of American Society of Professional and
Executive Women, and is affiliated with Phi Alpha Theta (Honors
Society).  She is currently listed in Who's Who in the American
Society of Professional and Executive Women and USC's Who's Who in the
College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences Alumni Directory.

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