[e2e] Open the floodgate

David P. Reed dpreed at reed.com
Tue Apr 20 09:34:26 PDT 2004

I understand how hard it is to get the press to provide technically 
accurate interpretations, by painful experience.   They have the story 
written when they interview you (e.g. after 9/11 I was asked to comment on 
how the Internet "survived" because it was designed to survive a full-scale 
nuclear war - despite the fact that this is not at all true of the *design* 
- and only marginally true of the funding *justification*.   When I tried 
to educate the interviewers, they lost interest really fast, and in some 
cases found the "money quote" they were looking for from other sources who 
were only to happy to get their name in the paper, in particular pundits 
and executives from major network equipment suppliers).

Even some of the best reporters from the best papers have no interest in 
providing useful contextual understanding.

The "faster, faster, faster" story, and the "young upstart triumphing over 
the old radical turned establishment" stories are appealing to Yahoo's 
semi-techie-user audience.
At 10:09 AM 4/20/2004, Injong Rhee wrote:
>Well..I guess I should take all the blame for this. Certainly
>it has opened the floodgate for the press :-).
>It is really a pity to see
>how press folks put their words into my mouth. I have never got
>interviewed by these folks (newsfactor) nor anyone in my group has.
>So please take this news
>article with a lot of grains of salts. I don't believe that TCP is
>obsolete; it is just that as someone pointed out, TCP has problems in
>fast long ditance networks. My apology if I offended anybody or left
>him/her speechless, but there
>is no intention of that. I have a FAQ in my web site. If anyone needs
>more clarification than the message below, have a look:
>As Mark put it, the time and peer-review will tell... It is an exciting
>research area. BIC is clearly in its early stage and needs a lot of
>improvement. We always welcome your comments (I don't need any of this
>press nonsense).

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