[e2e] Is sanity in NS2?

Jon Crowcroft Jon.Crowcroft at cl.cam.ac.uk
Wed Sep 14 06:56:00 PDT 2005

i dont think i disagree with 98% of what you say...

In missive <43282B0D.9010303 at web.de>, Detlef Bosau typed:

 >>The problem with proprietary code is that I cannot validate it. I cannot 
 >>  read the code. I have to "believe" it.

you can validate a simulation.
you dont have to have the code -

 >>I basically don't believe that making thinks more complicated would be =
 >>more helpful.
I am not suggesting making it more complex - i am suggesting that
there is a level of competence that in systems that require
programming rather than script hacking, is more in evidence.

 >>In my opinion, the main issue is discipline and proper maintenance.

I agree (and lloyd made this point too ) - the open source communities
that are succesful and continuing in quality have moderation.

what would be nice is if papers submitted using open source, submitted
the code for audit AS WELL, before the paper could be accepted. (and
before the code could be rolled into a distribution) - only if both
paper and code are ok, is either paper or code accepted.

in the medical world when papers on clinical trials are submitted the
clinical trial itself (and data) are audited. this is a Good Thing.

the other stuff people do with NS should be kept in the classroom

btw, i've given up coding- i find it too painful on my hands.

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