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Joe Touch touch at ISI.EDU
Wed Sep 14 09:25:50 PDT 2005

Speaking as end2end-interest list admin:

Fan Ye wrote:
> Jon,
> This is the first time I ever post on e2e list, although I've subscribed 
> to it several years.
> I'm really astonished to see your technical discussion on ns drifting, or 
> "accidentally dropping",  onto some language attacking an ethnic group 

China, far as I know, is a country, at least as used in the context
below. That said, it's still inappropriate on this list, as per below.

> (see below quoted text). You may not have the intention, but what you 
> wrote seems to imply that all these guys are clueless chinese students who 
> dont know a better way to plagiarize. 
>>(I have no idea where they are really from - are they using such
>>addresses because they are afraid their university will catch them 
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>>or are they blocked in china?) and they do more harm than good.
>                                                ^^^^^^
> I'm very, very upset to see this kind of language, not to mention at a 
> least expected place, a technical discussion list.

On that we agree.

Folkes, please follow basic mailing list etiquitte (and ACM and IEEE
codes of conduct) when posting to this list, and avoid ad-hominems,
ad-ethnicicsms, ad-racisms, and ad-anythingelse-isms except
ad-technicalisms ;-)

Joe (list admin)
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