[e2e] end2end-interest Digest, Vol 19, Issue 11

sireen malik s.malik at tuhh.de
Thu Sep 15 14:22:52 PDT 2005

Kathleen Nichols wrote:

>Perspective is a good thing to have in life. Especially when it comes
>to the use of simulation. I'm not sure we can expect the average
>grad student to have such perspective, but it seems like it might
>reasonably be expected of those who advise graduate students.

Exactly. We learn to walk before we learn to run before we learn to ... 
become Carl Lewis!

So when I started work, I wanted to use NS2. No special reason.. just 
Google! My seniors convinced me that NS2 is not a good idea etc. etc. . 
so they had written a TCP library for the Ptolemy simulator. Because all 
my love for NS2 was based on a simple Google search, it was easy for 
them to convince me, anyways. By now, we have Web, Voice, Video and P2P 
simulations running over Ptolemy.

Is our code bug free? No. It has its own share, however, the in-house 
knowledge about the implementation has made the debugging work 
relatively easy for us.

The important thing is that our tutor picks up the crap results very 
quickly. I think it was largely his feedback which has kept the code 
constantly improving. In fact, after some experience on the topic, I can 
pick up "strange" results too... and hope that with years I improve can 
upon my ability.

Perspective is important.


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