[e2e] end2end-interest Digest, Vol 19, Issue 11

Roland Bless bless at tm.uka.de
Wed Sep 21 03:19:35 PDT 2005

Hi Kathie,

Kathleen Nichols wrote:

> ns-2 the first time, I found the "full TCP" code was full of bugs and
> the oTcL/C++ interaction made it much harder to code your own models.
> So, I think I'm supporting Detlef and those who say it's important to
> read through the models and to know what you are modeling and to know
> what the goals of your simulation are. I'm sort of looking for something
> without the baggage of ns-2 these days. Has anyone used Omnet++?

Yes, I use OMNeT++ since several years extensively. And it doesn't have
all the baggage of ns-2, it is extremely efficient and even supports
good random number generators like the Mersenne Twister out of the
The simulator code is very well documented and really nice. Thus,
it is extremly easy to understand and learn.
However, it doesn't have so many protocol models like ns-2, but the
contributing community is still growing.
I actually simulated networks with "real" AS topologies (extracted
from BGP routing tables) up to 11000 ASs.

And as I already mentioned in my other posting: if you're interested
in a relatively bug-free TCP implementation, you could try to use
OppBSD which provides a TCP/IP stack from FreeBSD 4.9 in OMNeT++

Best regards,

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