[e2e] A Question on the TCP handoff

Alper Kamil Demir demir at kou.edu.tr
Tue Sep 27 10:05:07 PDT 2005

I have a question on the TCP handoff. Let's assume that there is an actual TCP connection between host-1 (H1) and Host-A (HA). Meantime, host-2 and Host-A (HA) establishes a warm-up connection to be handovered. Is it ever possible to replace the actual connection with the warm-up connection let's say that because H1 moves? (is this against to the end-to-end semantics of TCP?) If so, what mechanisms could be used to achieve the handoff? (i.e. TCP stack modifications, socket layer modifications, middleware on top of TCP, etc...)
I appreciate your answers.

Alper K. Demir
Kocaeli University, Turkey
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