[e2e] A Question on the TCP handoff

Alper Kamil Demir demir at kou.edu.tr
Thu Sep 29 11:06:19 PDT 2005

Thank you very much for the reply. However, I think tcpcp will not solve the problem because tcpcp is useful to migrate tcp connection from place to place (correct me if I am wrong). What I want to achieve is to replace the warm-up connection with an already established actual connection (so that replaced new connection both does have the same previous flow control of actual connection and doesn't go into slow start process by having congestion control state of warm-up). 

Alper K. Demir
Kocaeli University, Turkey

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Can this tool do what you want: TCP Connection Passing ?
see: http://tcpcp.sourceforge.net/


Xiaoliang (David) Wei             Graduate Student in CS at Caltech
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I have a question on the TCP handoff. Let's assume that there is an actual TCP connection between host-1 (H1) and Host-A (HA). Meantime, host-2 and Host-A (HA) establishes a warm-up connection to be handovered. Is it ever possible to replace the actual connection with the warm-up connection let's say that because H1 moves? (is this against to the end-to-end semantics of TCP?) If so, what mechanisms could be used to achieve the handoff? (i.e. TCP stack modifications, socket layer modifications, middleware on top of TCP, etc...)
I appreciate your answers.

Alper K. Demir
Kocaeli University, Turkey
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