[e2e] Typical "access LAN" usage numbers?

David P. Reed dpreed at reed.com
Tue Apr 3 10:32:02 PDT 2001

Request for some "typical" numbers for benchmarking with realistic data:

In the situation where an unloaded Ethernet-like access LAN is used to 
connect to the Internet over a T1 or greater link to the Internet, does 
anyone know of "typical" traffic statistics, by application?  Ideally, I'd 
like a table like the following, with ranges, where the server and Internet 
are not congested (good case, not average or worst case).

           IP d'grams/Bytes client->gateway   IP d'grams/Bytes gateway->client
                    per second                   per second

WWW over

POP3 download

FTP upload

FTP download

Streaming audio

Streaming video

References online would be great.

- David
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