[e2e] bandwidth and file size

Lars Eggert larse at ISI.EDU
Thu Apr 5 09:53:55 PDT 2001

> Soo-hyeong Lee wrote:
> In near 1991, file size (transferred by FTP) must have been 100B in
> average and mostly below 100 KB, according to Fig.2 (c) in Tcplib
> documentation http://irl.eecs.umich.edu/jamin/papers/tcplib/.

> In near 1997, it increases to 240KB in average, according to Table 1 of
> Claffy's paper "the nature of the beast: recent traffic measurements from
> an Internet backbone," Inet, '98 at
> http://www.caida.org/outreach/papers/Inet98/

That same table also shows that HTTP traffic volume is an order of
magnitude greater than FTP traffic volume. By looking at FTP flow lengths
alone you'll get a very skewed view of the overall traffic characteristics

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