[e2e] bandwidth and file size

Lars Eggert larse at ISI.EDU
Fri Apr 6 09:09:58 PDT 2001

> Lars wrote :
> >That same table also shows that HTTP traffic volume is an order of
> > magnitude greater than FTP traffic volume. By looking at FTP flow
> > lengths alone you'll get a very skewed view of the overall traffic
> > characteristics today.
> I don't think it affects the observation that file size increases over
> time. The size of file downloaded by HTTP in 1997 seems to have average
> of 10.5KB.
> This is also higher than file size considered in Tcplib of 1991, which
> has average of 100B.

In one case you get to say "FTP flow lengths have increased since 1991", in
the other case you get to say "TCP flow lengths have increased since 1991."
They are different.

My point was that since you're interested in congestion control
effectiveness over bigger pipes, not looking at HTTP flows - which are
probably shorter as well as much more common - may skew your observations.

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