[e2e] bandwidth and file size

Soo-hyeong Lee shlee at mmlab.snu.ac.kr
Thu Apr 5 21:21:40 PDT 2001

I would like to make reply for two short comments made by Zhang and Lars.

Zhang wrote :
>    The link bandwidth is growing very fast, how about the share of bandwidth for
 >   each connection? The applications and the users on Internet are exploding.
 >   So we must make clear first which factor contributes more.

I am also curious about whether inter-arrival time of file transfer request also scales with BDP.
I welcome any comments on this.

Lars wrote :
>That same table also shows that HTTP traffic volume is an order of
> magnitude greater than FTP traffic volume. By looking at FTP flow lengths
> alone you'll get a very skewed view of the overall traffic characteristics
> today.

I don't think it affects the observation that file size increases over time.
The size of file downloaded by HTTP in 1997 seems to have average of 10.5KB.
This is also higher than file size considered in Tcplib of 1991, which has average of 100B.

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  It is well known that link bandwidth of the Internet is growing very fast.
  Does the file size also grow at the same speed? Or is it much slower?

  I have once read a Kleinrock's paper saying that future large bandwidth delay network must deal with the case where file size is relatively smaller than BDP(bandwidth delay product).
  However, I have found that file size also increases.
  In near 1991, file size (transferred by FTP) must have been 100B in average and mostly below 100 KB, according to Fig.2 (c) in Tcplib documentation http://irl.eecs.umich.edu/jamin/papers/tcplib/.
  In near 1997, it increases to 240KB in average, according to Table 1 of Claffy's paper "the nature of the beast: recent traffic measurements from an Internet backbone," Inet, '98 at http://www.caida.org/outreach/papers/Inet98/

  I think this issue is related with the performance of TCP congestion control in the large BDP environment, because small file size means that performance impact of initial slow-start gets more stressed and congestion-avoidance gets less important.
  I hope you will make kind comments.

  Thanks and regards.


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