[e2e] How can the VPN service level agreement be enforced crossing ASs?

Yingfei Dong dong at cs.umn.edu
Fri Apr 6 17:22:20 PDT 2001

Hi, Bob,

I think the multi-domain VPN issue is not just an implementation problem.
The current Internet architecture (e.g., the BGP protocol, NAPs) cannot
provide sufficient help for inter-domain resource management and
efficient inter-domain routing. As mentioned in the last email, many
research projects have studied similar or related issues both in academic
and industry, and proposed different solutions. However, it is still a
on-going study without a complete solution (as far as I know).

If you know it has been done somewhere, please point out some references
for us. Thanks.


On Fri, 6 Apr 2001, Bob Braden wrote:

> Where is the research issue here? This list is intended for discussion
> of researchy topics.
> Bob Braden

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