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David P. Reed dpreed at
Mon Apr 16 10:42:21 PDT 2001

At 04:38 PM 4/16/01 +0000, Bob Braden wrote:
>A major shift in 30 years is in transmission cost ... the cost per
>bit has gone down dramatically since we paid thousands of dollars a
>month for a 56kbps line.  This means we can now well afford the luxury
>of fixing lower layer problems at the application layer.

The latest versions of this concept are two paper abstracts I saw about 15 
days ago - titles are as I remember them:

DDoS - a new decentralized platform for application-based, end-to-end 
congestion control


STPAUL (Scheduled Timing of Programs At the User Layer) - an alternative to 
MPLS for optimizing multicast distribution of streaming content in legacy 
HFC access networks

- David
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