[e2e] variable bandwidth link

Soo-hyeong Lee shlee at mmlab.snu.ac.kr
Tue Apr 17 17:18:17 PDT 2001


I am trying to model a wireless link empowered with link-level recovery as an error-free link with variable bandwidth.
I suppose link-level loss recovery (such as snoop or combination of FEC+RLP) can completely hide link-specific errors.
Dupacks are assumed to be either eliminated at the wireless link (by snoop) or ignored at the TCP sender (by TCP-Eiffel). The only way that a link-level error can be seen by upper-layer is by link-level timeout (in the snoop), which is assumed to be very rare.
IMHO, this link will be seen to upper-layer as an error-free variable bandwidth link, but unfortunately I find it difficult how to actually model it.

I would be very grateful if one of you kindly give me a piece of advice.
Thanks in advance.


PS : Intuitively, any shared medium access link (including Ethernet) could be modeled as a variable bandwidth (or variable delay) link. Is this wrong, or just hard to do?

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