[e2e] Re: crippled Internet

Luigi Rizzo luigi at info.iet.unipi.it
Wed Apr 18 12:10:01 PDT 2001

> had trouble believing in its reliability.  On the other hand, people
> I know with cable modem service report that their so called dynamic
> IP addresses don't change for years at a time.

as a data ppint, with my @home cable service in berkeley this winter
i had a static IP (clearly written on the service request form,
next to the router and dns addresses)
despite the technicians who came to install the software said
i had to use DHCP.

Could someone explain what is the purpose of PPPoE for DSL subscribers ?

Why do they need to "authenticate" the box on customer premises,
whereas there is no such a need for another box called telephone
wired to the same exact wire and which can do much more damage ?


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