[e2e] QoS vs Bandwidth Overprovisioning

Ping Pan pingpan at juniper.net
Wed Apr 25 12:45:25 PDT 2001

Ping Pan wrote:
> There is nothing wrong with overprovisioning. The only problem is that
> it can only be done (or guaranteed) within one carrier's network (except
> on trans-atlantic links, perhaps). Randy had provided the data in the
> past that his network has almost no congestion and delay.

Before Randy points out that his trace is also inter-domain going over
some 10 router hops, and 3 providers, ;-) I just want to emphasis that
some multi-domain traffic over private peering links and thick pipes may
also be congestion-free. For example, that trans-europe backbone pipe is
almost idle on many links. The congestion problem can take place when
you go between smaller regional networks (where most end users are) and
large transit backbones.

2 more cents,

- Ping

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