[e2e] Service level agreements

Muhammad Jaseemuddin jaseem at ee.ryerson.ca
Tue Dec 4 10:05:06 PST 2001


 You may want to look at http://www.ist-tequila.org/sls.html. Also the 
internet2 QoS WG did some work on service level agreement and 
specification  for  QBone activity. You can check internet2 web site at 

- Muhammad Jaseemuddin

Roop Mukherjee wrote:

>Anyone know where one can find a desription of a basic service level
>agreements? My search yeilded a lot about how one can implement them
>using various mechanisms or how to provision for it. But most of the
>authors had assumed something to be a service agreement (like loss rate <
>0.5% for service class 1) without mentioning where they got that from or
>how realistic it is.
>I am looking for something that talks about what does a real service level
>agreement look like,  how are clauses put in, etc.  Anything resembing a
>seminal work that can be cited would be great.
>-- Roop Mukherjee

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