[e2e] Technology marches forward at the expense of the net?

Mark Boolootian booloo at cats.ucsc.edu
Thu Dec 13 10:43:16 PST 2001

In case folks haven't seen this, Digital Fountain has a new technology in 
which they claim that 

   fast and reliable data delivery is possible even with network challenges 
   like packet loss, congestion, massive file sizes and long distances. Our 
   patented Meta-ContentTM technology provides tremendous improvement over 
   traditional techniques, even in the most unreliable networks.

There is a white paper talking about TCP issues and their Meta-Content
technology at


It claims

   throughput can be set to any desired fraction of available link bandwidth
   up to 95%; for high bandwidth links, this provides much higher throughput
   than is possible with TCP, enabling fast download of very large files
   even over very long WAN links.

   a congestion control feature makes file transfers share bandwidth resources
   fairly with other network traffic

They've got some other info up at


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