[e2e] Technology marches forward at the expense of the net?

Vishal Misra misra at cs.columbia.edu
Thu Dec 13 13:18:54 PST 2001

On Thu, 13 Dec 2001, Mark Boolootian wrote:

> It claims
>    throughput can be set to any desired fraction of available link bandwidth
>    up to 95%; for high bandwidth links, this provides much higher throughput
>    than is possible with TCP, enabling fast download of very large files
>    even over very long WAN links.
>    a congestion control feature makes file transfers share bandwidth resources
>    fairly with other network traffic

Aren't the two statements above inherently contradictory? If the "other 
network traffic" is TCP, then how are the bandwidth resources shared 
"fairly"? While in no way advocating the TCP way of doing things, I don't 
see how this scheme could be max-min/proportionally/tcp fair if there is 
other non-MetaContent traffic on the network.


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