[e2e] Technology marches forward at the expense of the net?

Lars Eggert larse at ISI.EDU
Thu Dec 13 14:38:09 PST 2001

Wenyu Jiang wrote:

>   My guess from their front page summary is that, there are
> mission-critical data that needs to be transferred reliably asap.  I
> haven't had the time to look through it, but it may be based on some
> FEC-like channel coding scheme.

I believe FEC is exactly what they do.

>   However, redundancy schemes are still quite sensible in a wireless or
> noisy channel environment, where most of the time you are fighting against
> static or channel fading instead of other connections.

It's also interesting for content multicasting. (Tune in, listen, tune 
out - no feedback to the sender required.)

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