[e2e] Router ip stacks!

Amr A. Awadallah aaa at cs.stanford.edu
Thu Jul 12 15:50:25 PDT 2001


  I am researching router ip stacks and would appreciate pointers to
implementations in this field either from open sources or private
companies that license such stacks. Please drop me a line if you know of any. 
The list I collected so far is attached at end of this e-mail.

Thanks in advance,

-- Amr

1) IpInfusion ZebOS: http://www.ipinfusion.com
2) Zebra (GNU GPL version of ZebOS): http://www.zebra.org
3) NextHop (proprietary gated implementation): http://www.nexthop.com/
4) Nortel's OpenIP (now dead)
5) Data Connection (DC): http://www.dataconnection.com/
6) NetPlane OptiRoute: http://www.netplane.com
7) Spider Software SpiderTCP: http://www.spider.com
8) Inverness Systems (acquired by Virata): http://www.virata.com
9) Routerware (acquired by Wind River): http://www.wrs.com/routerware/
10) BIRD: http://bird.network.cz
11) John Moy's OSPF Book: http://www.aw.com/product/0,2627,0201309661,00.html

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