[e2e] Windows NT implementation of TCP

Christian Huitema huitema at windows.microsoft.com
Thu Jul 26 12:40:27 PDT 2001

Last Monday, I sent a message announcing that a specific bug was fixed
in Windows 2000 since SP1, and I was wrong:

> > While it it true that Windows NT and Windows 2000 both implement
> > Fast Retransmit, in many cases, due to a bug in the implementation,
> > Fast Retransmit is never invoked, and the TCP sender has to wait
> > for a Retransmit Timeout to retransmit a lost packet.  This is
> > discussed in more detail in the TBIT paper by Padhye and Floyd,
> > available from "http://www.aciri.org/tbit/".
> The bug occurred in Windows 2000, and has been fixed in the Service
> Pack 1 issued in July 2000. The bug does not affect NT4 or XP, or any
> version of W2K SP1 or greater.

It turns out that I had a "communication failure" with the developers in
charge of correcting the said bug, which is not fixed in either W2K SP1
or SP2. I am also told that it will be fixed shortly. 

To reproduce the bug (for those who care) you have to use a Microsoft
specific socket command, "TransmitFile()" and you have to set the
"TF_DISCONNECT" parameter to request an automatic disconnect at the end
of the file transmission.

-- Christian Huitema 

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