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Hi Bob,

Please would you be so kind to forward this announcement to 
end2end-interest list or any other related group that you might be 
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very best,
Amela Sadagic


Internet2 Application QoS Needs Design Team would like to announce a set of 
discussion topics that we will be initiating and leading every month. Your 
input will be highly valuable and appreciated.

Please feel free to contribute by posting your comments to 
<qos-appl-discuss at internet2.edu> mailing list.

Discussion topic for August 2001:


          Roch Guerin,
          Professor of Telecommunications Networks at the
          University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

The successful transmission of audio and video applications over packet 
networks is unique in a number of ways.

Both applications have a perceptual content that makes it difficult to 
readily map application level quality onto common, quantifiable quality 
measures readily available in packet networks, e.g., packet loss, delay, 
jitter, etc. In addition, audio and video both have "real-time" constraints 
and resource needs that introduce requirements, which are typically not 
present with traditional data applications. Hence, audio and video 
streaming have been identified as applications that stand to benefit from 
the availability of "QoS" in packet networks.

Understanding the extent to which either application, as well as the two of 
them jointly as is often the case, benefits from different levels of QoS 
and resource guarantees is an open research topic. One promising direction 
is based on the adaptation to transmissions over packet networks of various 
objective quality measurement tools, which have been originally developed 
for evaluating the quality of different codecs as well as analog 
transmission channels.

This approach has been explored to some extent for audio. In particular, 
the PSQM system described in ITU-T Recommendation P.861 and its PSQM+ 
extension described such an approach. Other related system include PAMS, 
PESQ, and PSQM/IP. In the context of video, efforts are at a somewhat 
earlier stage although a similar approach is being pursued, namely the 
adaptation of objective measurement tools to packet networks, e.g., based 
on the ANSI T1.801.03 specification, the ITU-T Recommendation P.910, as 
embodied in the VQM tool of the Institute for Telecommunication Sciences.

Those initial efforts not withstanding, the incorporation of new network 
QoS capabilities remains a largely untouched topic. The purpose of this 
discussion forum is to review both the set of issues involved and the 
status of different activities aimed at developing solutions.


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