[Tsvwg] Re: [e2e] e2e principle..where??....

Murali Bashyam mbashyam at cisco.com
Sat Jun 2 16:14:37 PDT 2001

"Eric A. Hall" wrote:

> "Roy T. Fielding" wrote:
> > HTTP places application semantics within every message in order to
> > make them visible to intermediaries, thus preserving end-to-end
> > principles when the protocol is used faithfully.
> But are the intermediaries being faithful? or are they changing headers
> and doing other things to the data?

As long as the intermediaries preserve protocol semantics while changing
headers (adding cookies for instance) or perform actions (load balancing)
that are transparent to the end points, there should be no violation of e-2-e
principles, correct?


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