[Tsvwg] Re: [e2e] e2e principle..where??....

Jon Crowcroft J.Crowcroft at cs.ucl.ac.uk
Sat Jun 2 16:31:19 PDT 2001

 >>As long as the intermediaries preserve protocol semantics while changing
 >>headers (adding cookies for instance) or perform actions (load balancing)
 >>that are transparent to the end points, there should be no violation of e-2-e
 >>principles, correct?

wrong. you vioate assumptions future application programmers might
make. transparency is as good as the light you shine thru it - most
glass is flawed.

if you add something that messes with e2e, you are an END, and you have
to justify your MEANS. simple really. if you don't think what happens
when i run e2e crypto, or multicast or mobile (dave clarks three tests
of whether you thought before you changed things) and see if yu are
still right - i doubt it.



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