[e2e] traffic engineering considered harmful

Jon Crowcroft J.Crowcroft at cs.ucl.ac.uk
Wed Jun 13 08:56:52 PDT 2001

In message <Pine.GSO.4.21.0106131111280.11254-100000 at rac1.wam.umd.edu>, Manish 
Karir typed:

 >>right and that brings us back to Melinda's comment a couple of days ago...
 >>"until someone
 >>comes up with an end-to-end business model, the end-to-end
 >>networking model is going to remain under assault."
you mean the good ole tcp/ip internet is an economic failure? gosh,
i wonder how much the US tax payer alone made back on DARPA's original
investment... :-)

9/10 business models are worth the much less than the paper
currency is printed on

our business here is protocols, which, when got right, are really
quite useful...



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