UDP vs. TCP distribution [was: Re: [e2e] Can feedback be generated...]

Sean Doran smd at ebone.net
Sun Mar 4 02:55:34 PST 2001

| I would expect to see lots of content caching/distribution going on in the
| transoceanic links such that multimedia traffic probably always gets
| served from the nearest content server.

I wouldn't.

| If that is the case, how is the content getting replicated to these
| different continents? Do the traffic statistics over the transoceanic
| links capture this replication or are these being beamed over satellite?

Some people (Yahoo, CNN, etc.) locate "european-flavour" servers in Europe,
"cantonese-style" servers in Hong Kong, and so forth.   Some people use 
Akamai and their competitors, which seem to be locating stuff in various
places around the world.  Most content just comes from wherever it happens
to be hosted, and often enough that's somewhere in California.  Works great.


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