[e2e] congestion correlation?

Adam Wolisz wolisz at ee.tu-berlin.de
Thu May 3 01:37:57 PDT 2001

The answer is: NO
For example in 1999 we have done measurements both ways
between Berlin, Germany and Berkeley, CA:
Losses in the direction; Berkeley=>Berlin
have been much higher.
We believe that there is much more content being
transported from US to Europe than another way round.
And the capacities are not asymmetric enough.
(if at all).
Btw: Does anybody know if there is at all an asymmetry
of the resources between US and Europe?

You could contact Dorgham Sisalem,
sisalem at fokus.gmd.de
for more details on this measurements, done in the
context of his Ph.D Thesis on TCP friendly
UDP traffic, available from

Adam Wolisz

Sam Liang wrote:

> Hello,
>   Is there any study done on whether there is any congestion correlation
> on the two directions between two endpoints A and B?  Suppose A is sending
> data to B.  When there is congestion and packet loss from A to B, do we
> expect packet loss from B to A at the same time?
>   Thanks,
> Sam
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