[e2e] where end-to-end ends

Christian Tschudin tschudin at docs.uu.se
Tue May 22 10:37:40 PDT 2001

A new Internet-Draft on the "Interplanetary Internet" was recently
published in which the authors (Cerf et al) predict where the end of
end-to-end is:

  "We have concluded that the standard Internet protocols should be 
   essentially "terminated" at the Interplanetary Gateways [...]"

and not surprisingly they opt for an active networking approach ;-)

  "But because of the enormous round-trip delays, such systems must work
   very indirectly. For example, to steer the Mars Pathfinder rover, one
   sends instructions about intermediate points that the robot must steer

Just some synectic readings.

  draft-irtf-ipnrg-arch-00.txt (May 2001)

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