[e2e] 150ms - tolerable latency for quakeIII

Jim Gettys jg at pa.dec.com
Sun May 27 08:29:44 PDT 2001

The other interesting comment (and I may have these numbers wrong; its 
been nearly two years since I had lunch with him), is that the "casual" 
gamers were a population of about 20 million, while the serious gamers 
(who spend significant money for better performance) was maybe 10% of 
the gamers market, or a population of 2 million or so.  This was
the market that 3dfx was shooting at: it is guaranteed that such people
would always buy the next hot graphics board (and processor, and network).
I dunno if the market has grown significantly in the meanwhile.

Those guys were buying fast networks as soon as they could.
			- Jim

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