[e2e] traffic dispersion and blocking probality

Markus Peuhkuri puhuri at iki.fi
Thu Apr 4 22:39:06 PST 2002

"David P. Reed" <dpreed at reed.com> writes:

> I'm being blunt because somebody has to.
> Just because the old telephony textbooks are still in print doesn't
> mean that the idea of formulating communications as circuits with long

I've seen blocking in IP networks, believe or not.  You won't get a
busy tone, however, but just a timeout.  Timeout may happen in TCP
layer when initial handshake or later data retransmissions fail or at
user layer when user gets impatient and hits stop button.

It is "congestion" from networks perspective, but I call it blocking
from users perspective: you won't get your communication needs
satisfied.  You can even define POTS as an non-blocking system if you
allow infinite number of retries and infinite time to try.  For a user
which needs her communication NOW and not RSN, there is blocking in

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