[e2e] DANGER VIRUS spamming culled from E2E addresses

Henning Schulzrinne hgs at cs.columbia.edu
Fri Apr 19 15:22:30 PDT 2002

I have recently gotten spam (not a virus) that apparently used addresses
from the same domain as the destination in the From and cc line, thus
defeating "white list" filters. With a sufficiently large spam list,
that would be trivial to do. Wouldn't work for aol.com addresses, but
for organizational addresses, it definitely works.

Fred Baker wrote:
> >   I just got a spam that claimed to be from KK (using KK's old AT&T email
> >   address) and addressed to me.  The spam apparently really originated at
> >   ee.cityu.edu.hk though one can't be sure.
> I have been getting a lot of these, but mostly they are empty messages,
> "this is a game and I wish you would like it" virus-grams, etc, not
> full-blown commercial email. I suspect that many of them are probes to see
> if they get a validating "vacation" response.

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