[e2e] BRITE Topology Generation Framework

Ibrahim Matta matta at cs.bu.edu
Thu Apr 25 13:52:48 PDT 2002

We are happy to announce the release of an incremental update to BRITE,
BRITE 2.1a.  

This release of BRITE unifies both the C++ and the Java generation
into a single framework.  The framework provides a suite of export and
import facilities for topologies.  

The key features in this release are:
 (1) Two new generation models at both AS and Router levels:
     (i)   Barabasi-Albert 2 (Like BA1, but allows rewiring)
     (ii)  GLP  (Bu-Towsley: Infocom02 paper)
 (2) New Export Capabilities to:
     (i)   NS-2 Simulator
     (ii)  SSFNet Simulator
     (iii) Javasim Simulator
     (iv)  Otter Visualization (improved)
 (3) New Import Capabilities from:
     (i)   CAIDA's Skitter Artsdump format
     (ii)  SCAN project maps (Mercator, Lucent Internet Mapping Project) 

The BRITE Analysis Engine (BRIANA) is still being developed and is not
included in this version.  We hope to have an early alpha version
of BRIANA ready by this summer and will notify you when it is ready.  

You can download the new (and old) BRITE at

If you find bugs, have feedback or would like to contribute your code to
BRITE, please email brite-developers at cs.bu.edu.  

Ibrahim Matta       Dept of Comp Sci, 111 Cummington St, MCS-271
matta at cs.bu.edu     Assistant Prof, Boston Univ., Boston, MA 02215
Tel: (617)358-1062, Fax: (617)353-6457, URL: www.cs.bu.edu/fac/matta/

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