[e2e] Address Space Distribution

David G. Andersen dga at lcs.mit.edu
Fri Dec 6 10:34:53 PST 2002

On Fri, Dec 06, 2002 at 05:14:46PM +0000, Wu Min mooed:
> Hi,
> Modelling Internet topology has been very well investigated. How about the 
> IP address space distribution in the Internet? Does the distribution follow 
> the power laws as well?

You might be interested in 

Observed Structure of Addresses in IP Traffic
Eddie Kohler, Jinyang Li, Vern Paxson, Scott Shenker

from IMW 2002:


They use a multifractal cantor dust to model IP structure in a way
that statistically resembles observed IP addresses.  The resulting
address distribution does _not_ look anything like reality, in
terms of _where_ addresses are actually allocated, but it's similar
under a variety of statistical tests.


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