[e2e] the evolution of deployability

J. Noel Chiappa jnc at ginger.lcs.mit.edu
Thu Dec 19 09:36:34 PST 2002

    > From: "Spencer Dawkins" <sdawkins at cynetanetworks.com>Noel,

    > So, is there a place people are bailing TO, when they bail on the
    > IETF? Or does it depend on what protocols/stack levels you care about?

I think it's more a "technical lifestyle" (to make up a phrase) thing,
rather than a particular technical focus, that determines where people go
when they give up on the IETF.

E.g. I've turned back to pure research, since I got tired of banging my head
on the wall at the IETF (although there are a few groups which have
interesting technical discussions which I still listen to), and decided the
bang/buck ratio for my investments of time/energy was higher there, not to
mention that it was more fun.


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