[e2e] Re: tcp in high rate network

Adrian Lahanas ladrian at ccs.neu.edu
Mon Jul 1 09:15:13 PDT 2002

For those interested in high speed networks,

we have a different and quite simple approach to improve TCP performance in
high speed networks.

The approach is based on AIMD algorithm proposed by Chiu and Jain in
1989. The difference from AIMD is at the portion of congestion window that is
affected by multiplicative decrease. We named this scheme AIMD-FC: Additive
Increase Multiplicative Decrease - Fast Convergence.

The proposed algorithm is compatible with the AIMD of TCP and needs minor
changes. The white paper can be found at


The NS-2 drivers will be available at the same web page as soon as a small
documentation is available.


> > The simplistic answer is that there is nothing in the TCP protocol
> > that limits the speed at which it can work.
> For an internet-draft on the limitations of the TCP protocol in the
> speed at which it can work, and for a proposed modification to
> address this, you would look at:
> "HighSpeed TCP for Large Congestion Windows",
> "http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-floyd-tcp-highspeed-00.txt",
> and related info on the HighSpeed TCP web page at:
> "http://www.icir.org/floyd/hstcp.html".
>This has been posted for discussion in the tsvwg mailing list.
>- Sally

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