[e2e] Deadline Friday for Early Registration - SIGCOMM 2002

Vivian M. Benton benton at psc.edu
Mon Jul 22 13:03:16 PDT 2002

The deadline for early registration for the SIGCOMM 2002 conference, August 19-23,
is Friday, July 26. This is also the deadline for reserving a room at the
conference rate. After Friday, rates go up considerably.

Don't delay. Make your reservations today!

SIGCOMM 2002 Highlights:

* SIGCOMM 2002 Award Winner and Keynote Address: Scott Shenker, ICSI
* Four tutorials:
  (1) IP Control of Optical Networks and GMPLS
  (2) Detecting Packet Patterns at High Speeds
  (3) How to Use the Emulab Public Network Testbeds
  (4) Data-mining the Internet: What we know, what we don't,
      and how we can learn more 
* Two workshops:
  (1) Computer Networking: Curriculum Designs and Educational Challenges
  (2) Retrospecting Workshop on ATM
* Invited Talk by Mike O'Dell, Compass Rose Labs
	"Reflections on the Future of Very Large Data Networks"
* An expanded student poster session
* Two Position papers
* And, of course, most important of all: 25 great papers selected out of
  a field of 300 submissions.

Tutorials start on Monday Aug 19th, the main program starts Wednesday
Aug 21st.

Visit the conference web site at http://www.acm.org/sigcomm/sigcomm2002
for details about registration and the conference.

Matt Mathis
Peter Steenkiste

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