[e2e] Bidirectionnal traffic over assymetric link

Fatma Louati Fatma.Louati at sophia.inria.fr
Tue Jul 23 05:33:50 PDT 2002


I have made some simulations of bidirectionnal TCP traffic passing 
through an assymmetric link, evolving several simultaneous connections 
in both direction. It seems that the combination of using AckFiltering 
and Ack Reconstruction, AckFirst scheduling and an Active Queue 
Management like RED gives the best results in term of global throughput.

In fact the asymmetry that forward connections encounter necessitate the 
use of AF/AR, however the presence of traffic in the other direction 
implies the use of an AckFirst scheduling to protect ACKs against Data 
packets. But limited buffer size will result in a ACK packets 
monopolization. That's why I thought about using a AQM mechanisms in the 
router. This solution gives also an acceptable fairness among the 
different flows.

Before I go further in this direction I would like to know what do you 
think about it.
Could you please tell me if you are aware of recent work on this domain.


Fatma Louati -
PhD Student - INRIA Sophia Antipolis
http://www.inria.fr/planete/flouati <http://www.inria.fr/planete/dabbous>
ps: Simulations topology is accessible in 

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