[e2e] node addresses vs. interface addresses

Woojune Kim wkim at airvananet.com
Wed Jul 31 14:15:01 PDT 2002

A simple case is when a node is connected to multiple networks and each has a different address space. eg. a simple router. 
Now some routers such as those Cisco's have node ip addresses that are separate from their interface addresses and these are used for communicating with the router itself. (I think they call them node ip address or virtual addresses, I'm not sure of the exact name) Also this node ip address is used when the router is sending out various routing protocol messages and needs to identify itself.
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	Can someone address this question that someone from theoretical computer
	science asked me:
	Why do IP interfaces have addresses not the nodes themselves? Is there an
	architectural reason for this?
	I thought since people here seem to have a better perspective of the
	history of IP than I do, I thought that I should pass the query along.
	-- Roop

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