[e2e] node addresses vs. interface addresses

Tim Moors t.moors at unsw.edu.au
Wed Jul 31 16:29:49 PDT 2002

Perlman explains how "internal network numbers" in IPX helped avoid
sub-optimal routes to multihomed destinations on page 202 of her
Interconnections book (2nd ed.).


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> A simple case is when a node is connected to multiple networks and
> has a different address space. eg. a simple router.
> Now some routers such as those Cisco's have node ip addresses that are
> separate from their interface addresses and these are used for
> communicating with the router itself. (I think they call them node ip
> address or virtual addresses, I'm not sure of the exact name) Also
> node ip address is used when the router is sending out various routing
> protocol messages and needs to identify itself.

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