[e2e] RE: [ippm] [Fwd: State of MPLS deployments today]

Kavé Salamatian salamat at rp.lip6.Fr
Thu Oct 3 12:38:31 PDT 2002

>> first of all I should mention that MPLS deployment is far from being done
>> don't think that it has been deployed even in a large network operator)
>> I largely suspect that it will never be deployed in a large scale to be
>> primary backbone technology !!!!

>Would you mind sharing with me your definition of "large network
>operator" ? For me operators like ATT, BT, DT, FT, TI, Level3, Worldcom,
>JT, KDDI and many many more are of the size I would considered as
>"large" on this planet.
I was saying that today we don't have yet (or at least I have not heard of)
a full MPLS large network. I was not meaning that nobody is using MPLS in
portion of his network.

But obviously there are large full IP network that operate well (at least in
their core) and does not seem to believe to an urgent need for MPLS.

>All of them are using MPLS and MPLS applications in their backbones.
Nice for MPLS constructors

>Only a very few IP purists who get high blood pressure when one next to
>them says MPLS don't use it and that is also absolutely fine.
It seems that the search for purity is not restricted to IPist there are
also some MPLS zeloat around :-) sorry to give you high blood pressure.



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