[e2e] Re: [ippm] [Fwd: State of MPLS deployments today]

Robert Raszuk raszuk at cisco.com
Thu Oct 3 13:31:43 PDT 2002

Dear Prof. Kavé Salamatian,

> I was saying that today we don't have yet (or at least I have not heard of)
> a full MPLS large network. I was not meaning that nobody is using MPLS in
> portion of his network.

It is quite known that university professors are pretty much out of
touch with real networks and reality. To help you overcome this I guess
we need to step back to MPLS 101 with you and find out what "MPLS"
really means. Let me ask you a basic question - why would anyone run TDP
& LDP only in partion of his network ? That is one of few MPLS
forwarding mechanisms used very widely today across multiple world scale

Just as a tiny reference not related to any vendor take a look at the
folowing URL and download "MPLS Unofficial List":
http://cellstream.com/MPLS_List.htm or just click on
http://www.mplsrc.com/faq3.shtml and browse to all MPLS-VPN providers.
Keep in mind that 99% of MPLS-VPN providers use TDP or LDP in their
ENTIRE backbone.

> It seems that the search for purity is not restricted to IPist there are
> also some MPLS zeloat around :-) sorry to give you high blood pressure.

He he he - I am not effected by this at all, I just try to make sure
that the information on the public lists are correct :). 


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